First Course Milk Pellet Prestarter

First Course Milk Pellet Prestarter

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FIRST COURSE is the pre-starter designed to maximize feed intake, general health, and bloom to babies prior to weaning. It works great with fall behinds, setbacks, or orphaned pigs in a litter. It is complex, nutrient fortification is designed to help the young pig transition to dry feed from sow’s milk.

High-Quality Milk Products
Improves palatability, increases consumption, and reduces digestive upsets. Improves performance due to the highly digestible carbohydrates and amino acids in high-quality milk products.

Balance of Select Ingredients
Key ingredients are uniquely combined in FIRST COURSE to achieve a superior balance of essential amino acids. These high-quality protein sources are selected for optimum digestibility and palatability which provides for increased feed consumption.

Balance of Vitamins and Trace Minerals
Balanced vitamin and mineral fortification is essential for optimizing nutrient utilization, metabolism, disease resistance, and pig performance.

Highly Palatable
Feed palatability is critical to all phases of production, but nowhere is it as important as in the newly weaned pig. Steam-rolled oats and milk products along with feed intake enhancers are combined in FIRST COURSE to promote feed intake.

Crude Protein, min 21.0%
Lysine, min 1.6%
Crude Fat, min 6.0%
Crude Fiber, max 3.0% 


As a Creep Feed:

  • Feed small amounts of FIRST COURSE several times a day beginning when pigs are 7 days of age. Replace the feed left from the previous feeding.
  • Works as a gruel with Show-Rite Milk Replacer

In the Nursery:

  • Continue feeding FIRST COURSE until the pigs are at least 20 days of age or 15 lbs. Feed in small amounts multiple times a day.
  • Depending on body condition and uniformity of show pig litter, we recommend feeding 2-4 lbs. per pig/litter. Half to one full bag per litter before transitioning to Show-Rite Pig Starter
  • Provide fresh, clean water at all times.

NOTE: Open bags should be closed tightly and kept in a cool, dry place away from pigs, moisture, and odors.